What We Are Doing:
Site Build, Social Build, Digital Marketing, Tour Marketing and Database Management.
Mission Example:
One eskimO is an amazing live band that quickly generated a lot of heat right out of the gate. Before the album was released we booked a Yahoo Session where the band went into the studio and performed a bunch of songs, which later graced the Yahoo Music homepage. They also got on the Tori Amos tour just after that promoting an EP and their new song Kandi.

We started by building an interactive website that is a hybrid between Flash and HTML giving a full scope on the bands work, including an animated 40 min film released by Warner Premiere. We secured the likes of Clear Channel NEW and Featured artist of the month as well as a major iTunes / Quicktime promotion featuring a stream of the film and aggressively pricing a bundle of the record and film doubling sales in 2 weeks time.


We also built and run the official online merch and music store for One Eskimo.

Highlights also include:
  • iTunes homepage feature
  • Lomography Photo Tour promotion
  • Hot Topic / Shockhound Sessions
  • LP33 Artist Sessions
  • Blue Mic Spotlight & Contest
  • Daytrotter Sessions
  • Clear Channel NEW artist of the month
  • AOL Video Spotlight
  • Targeted Online Ad campaign
  • Twitter MP3 Pass along Widget